Food Security and Climate Migration: Multilateral Approaches to Complex Crises

By mapping the terrain on multilateral policy thinking and development vis-à-vis nexus challenges, this report seeks to emphasize a forward-looking and multidisciplinary debate to rethink international cooperation in the face of complex crisis scenarios.

Nexus challenges are a reality of our interconnected world.

During the past three years, the reverberating effects of initially localized crises like the outbreak of Covid-19 or the Ukraine crisis served as a decisive wake-up call. At the same time, multilateral initiatives have had to navigate a complex policy landscape and a demanding geopolitical context.

While much has been achieved towards integrating nexus thinking in multilateral action, several challenges lie ahead to make progress in effectively delivering integrated responses to the interconnected and transnational issues of our times.

This report traces the evolution of nexus approaches over the past two decades, highlighting key areas of progress and pending limitations. The idea is to stimulate a broader policy conversation on moving towards multifaceted, multi-sectoral, and integrated approaches to address the nexus between climate change, migration, and various facets of insecurity more effectively.

Margherita Bianchi
Asli Selin Okyay
Michael Werz
Francesco Iacoella Luca Barana Thin Lei Win