Podcast Episode 1: The View from MSC

Podcast Episode 1: The View from MSC

In this episode, Nexus25 lead Michael Werz takes listeners to the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference where, in the age of a renewed Israel-Palestine conflict, Russia’s war in Ukraine, and debates over the China challenge, this year’s attendees attempted to broker agreements on the security implications of climate change - and how to build more resilient societies, militaries and food systems in response. Michael is joined by World Food Programme Berlin Director Dr. Martin Frick and Sudanese climate activist Nisreen Elsaim to discuss just how successful they were in addressing global food security - and what to keep an eye on in the multilateral space this spring. 


Reshaping Multilateralism is a production of the Nexus25 project, a joint Istituto Affari Internazionali/Center for Climate and Security initiative funded by Stiftung Mercator, and produced in partnership with storielibere.fm.


Listen to the teaser episode here